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Design, Template Conversion, SEO, PHP development, MYSQL, Apache-Linux-Centos-cPanel-WHM

My Auto Dj got started in the web hosting business in 2001 under the domain, and has since been involved with various types of projects and scripts throughout the years including our massive collection of US criminal and offender records, our very popular SHOUTcast Widgets which is a type of website builder for online radio stations, and of course our SHOUTcast / Icecast server hosting.

Company Establishment

June 2001

Back before Facebook & Myspace, was started in the summer of 2001 as a quality web hosting provider. In the days of flip phones & Britney Spears, we were busy selling cPanel Web Hosting (still do today), website templates, flash development (Flash was developed by Macromedia back then, Adobe bought it on April 18, 2005), and even ringtones believe it or not!

Unlimited Criminal Checks
(December 2003)

As the internet progressed, we noticed a demand for access to public data which, at the time was not easy to find. We registered near the end of 2003 as a resource for visitors to locate criminal records in their local state or county.

New Orlando Office Location
(January 2015)

In Winter of 2005 we packed up and moved to Orlando, Florida . We moved into our first real office near the Florida Mall at the intersections of Sand Lake Rd and Orange Blossom Trial on Jan. 15 2015 and are still there today!

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In the Summer of 2005 we added and to our public data network

We started collecting data for our criminal check websites including arrest warrants, criminal and traffic court records, DOC inmate records, sex offender data and just about any and everything eles we could find that's related. At the end of 2005 we had just a few thousand records, today we have several billion.

We quickly learned the best website visitors are free ones! While everyone else was trying to trick the search engines like Google into getting top search results (yes it did work for a while), we kinda knew the old black hat ways would quickly come to a end so we got into search engine optimization (the correct way) with the site, which is still online today however has been neglected since good SEO takes time and frequent updates so the site is more or less just a low traffic Adsense site now, it was replaced by Unlimited Text Ads (below)..

My Auto Dj is Born!
(December 2008)

Around the holidays in 2008, we registered as a quality SHOUTcast/Icecast & Web Hosting Provider.

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  • my auto dj logo

SHOUTcast Widgets is Born!
Febuary 2010

We released SHOUTJockey, what is now know as SHOUTcast Widgets as a easy way for our clients to provide their listeners a way to tune in and view currently playing track informatioon to the listener. It quickly took off and we have been adding new features regularly ever since.

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Added Tune-In Radio API Support
June 2011

We added the TuneIn Radio API as a feature of SHOUTcast Widgets which will display the currently playing song and artist in the Tune In search directory which has been proven to help stream owners increase their listener base 500%. You'll find us listed on Tune-In's API information page

Unlimited Text Ads is Born!
August 2011

As a replacment for, Unlimited Text Ads is a fully automated service where clients can post their ad on our network of high traffic websites such as Unlimited Criminal Checks. For only $5/month a client could post a single ad for a entire month with unlimited clicks and impressions! Today Unlimited Text Ads is a pay-per-click solution for generating traffic throguh text ads placed on our websites.

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Data Does It!
April 2012

We registered as a resource for developers to include our data in their applications through our custom API which provides results from our multiple databases in either XML or JSON format.
Data Does It also currently serves as the main search hub for our criminal records and people search websites. Unlimited Criminal Checks, E-Locate and Complete Criminal Checks are all simply the sales sites, directing traffic to the central database search. While searches are free, visitors can upgrade to include more data. The sites also generates income through ads placed in strategic locations on the pages and within the search results.

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SHOUTcast Widgets Admin Upgrade
Sept. 2012

It took up most of the summer but the end result was worth all the work! We completely re-designed the admin section for SHOUTcast Widgets, which now features a complete website builder, several copy/paste widgets such as the currently playing window with artist image and biography (uses the Last.FM API), complete dj manager with 24 hour time wheel, responsive popup players and much more!

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In the summer of 2015 we did a complete re-write of all our criminal check and people locater sites, updated the code to be fully responsive, detailed search engine optimization and new designs for each.

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A Mobile World Means Lots of Changes!

The near future has mobile and responsive written all over it. 2016 and beyond will involve converting the dozens of websites and applications we've built over the past 15 years to work cross-browser, as well as new development and keeping up with the latest technology and trends

We plan to contuine development with SHOUTcast Widgets, for our SHOUTcast/Icecast clients plans are to migrate all servers over to SSD hard drives which are faster and much more stable vs the old disk-drive types, and contuine gathering as much data as we can to add to our criminal & people finder databases

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