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My Auto DJ Rewards

Redeem Reward Points for Cash!

3 Earn My Auto DJ Dollars!
Making a invoice payment before the due date, ordering new services, domain renewal and other client actions earn you reward points which can be exchanged for account credit. All My Auto DJ clients are automatically enrolled in the My Auto DJ Rewards Program!

Earn Reward Points for making payments on time! For each invoice that is paid before it's due date you'll earn 100 Points!

How do I redeem my reward points?
I seem to be missing some reward points, what can I do?
Why do I loose points if my account is suspended?

Reward Points are automatically applied to your account when the action (ie invoice payment) is complete. 100 Points = $1 USD
Pay Invoice Before Due Date 50 Points
Order New Service 50 Points
Order New Domain Name 50 Points
Re-New Domain Name 50 Points
Upgrades 50 Points
Each Affiliate Sale 1000 Points
Service Suspended -25 Points
Open Support Ticket -10 Points

My Auto Dj Guarantee

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  • 24x7x365 Support
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