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centova reseller

New Centova v3 Reseller Pacakge with Unlimited Listeners!
You choose the disk space, bitrate and bandwidth. Overselling is also enabled for this pacakge which makes earning money easy!

Centova Cast Reseller Version

SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 & Icecast

Centova's Reseller Version makes managing multiple online radio stations a breeze! No need to log in and out of accounts with the Centova Cast Reseller Panel, view each of your radios resources from the main dashboard, upgrade/downgrade/suspend/modify any of your clients with just a few clicks.

The new Centova v3 Resellers Panel gives you complete control over your streams and is great for anyone wanting to get started in the SHOUTcast business. With My Auto DJ's build your own packages, your able to start small and upgrade as you grow and require more resources. Upgrade/Downgrades are fully automated and pro-rated so you won't loose a penny!
Learn How to Create Accounts in the Centova v3 Reseller Panel

Centova Cast Demo

Order Centova Cast Reseller Package (Unlimited Bandwidth)

Order Centova Cast Reseller Package (Unlimited Listeners)

cpanel reseller

cPanel / WHMWeb Hosting Reseller

Unlimited Websites!

Web Host Manager (WHM) is used to create and manage cPanel Websites. All cPanel/WHM Reseller Packages include Fantastico with Reseller Privilege and Unlimited cpanel Websites

WHM Demo

Order cPanel/WHM Reseller Package
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