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Sonic Panel SHOUTcast and Icecast Stream Manager

Latest version Sonic Panel v2.9 Talk Over Auto Dj!

Sonic Panel - Formally WHM Sonic

WHM Sonic was amoung the first server based SHOUTcast panel in the industry back in the days of dial up internet.
A popular cPanel plugin, WHM Sonic was made famous with it's unique DJ xFade feature that allowed a remote dj to connect to auto dj seamlessly without the need for the listener to restart the player.
This amazing option is still included with Sonic Panel today and now allows DJs to login to your Sonic Panel and perform various tasks like uploading media.

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Complete Sonic Panel Auto Dj + SHOUTcast/Icecast Server Packages

Gb Mp3 Space
Kbs Bitrate


Talk Over Auto Dj
Text to Talk Over Auto Dj
Full SSL Streaming (HTTPS) Copy/Paste Player Widget w/ Current Track and Artist Image
Copy/Paste Online DJ Widget
Supports 10 languages
Switchable SHOUTcast v1/SHOUTcast v2/Icecast
A powerful playlist manager with scheduler
Google Listeners Map
DJ Manager with DJ Panel Access Rights
Record Live Shows
No FTP Needed - Upload Any Size in Browser!

Copy Paste HTML5 SSL Player

Customize your included Sonic Player to fit your website or application theme and style. Below is a real time live demo of our demo stream 2K running on the fast Hired Hosting Network.

custom shoutcast player How does Sonic Panel's live Dj connection work?
Sonic Panel can detect when a remote source (live dj) has connected and will automatically switch from auto dj to the live broadcast. When the dj is finished, all he/she must do is disconnect, Sonic Panel will detect the live source has dis-connected and go back to the auto dj until the next dj connects.
This is all 100% seamless for the listeners, if timed right, they can even tell the stream went from auto dj to live!

Do you oversee two or more dj's and want to offer your listeners a 24/7 music option when no live dj is online?
How Do My DJ's Connect to Sonic Panel?
You (as ADMIN), will need to create a custom username and password for each of your dj's.

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