Icecast Server Hosting

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Icecast v2 Quality Icecast Stream Hosting

Everest cast Icecast2 Server + Auto Dj

The new Everest cast Control Panel is by far the most advanced system out and guaranteed to deliver a professional sound and look with the hottest widgets in the industry. With Everest cast you can set up either Icecast or SHOUTcast (or both at the same time!)

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Centova Cast v3 + Icecast Server + Auto Dj

Icecast is a popular streaming media server supporting OGG & MP3 formats and is controled with the popular Centova Cast Control Panel

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Icecast KH is available upon request. After you place your Icecast order just open a trouble ticket and request to be installed on a Icecast KH server.

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