About My Auto Dj

Since 2001, My Auto Dj has been a top provider for both Web and Streaming Hosting. We use only the top rated servers and data centers for dependability, all using the latest in cloud technology, which is key with online radio.
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My Auto Dj's offices are located in Orlando, FL USA. Our servers are located at various datacenter locations across the world including New York, London and Tokyo.

My Auto DJ TV

My Auto DJ TV is a IPTV Station packed with great DJ and music related content that's online 24/7! Open Player

Media Server CP with Sam Broadcaster and White label URL Branding

Mp3 Space
Kbs Bitrate

My Auto Dj Features

My Auto Dj offers all the major Shoutcast Control Panels in the industry. With over 20 years of expierence in Shoutcast and Icecast hosting, My Auto DJ knows online radio and has the infrastructure to deliver the highest quality stream to listeners all over the world.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All of our SHOUTcast and Icecast Single and Reseller Packages include unlimited transfer/bandwidth.


All panels include easy copy/paste widgets and players which you can embed into your website or website builder with the ability to customize each to fit your website styles and theme.

my auto dj

Instant Set-Up

Your package will be set up instantly upon payment and package email with detailed server information such as server ip address, port number and password will be sent out immediately

Fully Automated Upgrades/Downgrades

You can start out small and upgrade as your station grows. You'll have the option to change your resources instantly (disk space, listeners quota, mountpoints, accounts)

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Looking for Easy Copy/Paste Widgets ?



We pay our affiliate partners top dollar with recurring monthly payments for the life of the account, Get your custom affiliate link in your client area.

24/7 Support

My Auto Dj's Award Winning Support Department is here to assist when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free to both clients and guests!

Network Uptime

Our network and server uptime has been above 99% for the past 10 years, we use only the most depandable providers in the industry!



Per month

cPanel Hosting Panel
5Gb Disk Space
Unlimited Everything (MYSQL, Transfer, POP3)
Includes SSL (HTTPS)
1 Click Script Installation

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Sonic Panel


Per month

Talk Over Auto Dj
10 Listeners
10 gb Auto Dj Space
Unlimited DJs
Unlimited Playlists
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Per month

SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast
25 Listeners
10GB SSD Auto Dj Space
Sam Broadcaster
Radio Boss
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Media CP


Per month

SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast
10Gb Auto Dj Space
100 Listeners
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Djs
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