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Easy App BuilderNo Coding Required

Our powerful app builder puts you in the developers seat with absolutely zero coding or app building experience required! Use your current website/web pages or use the built in page builder to create a unlimited amount of pages and/or tabs (swipe left/right)

Works withAndroid and/or iPhone

Our system works with both Android and iPhone and features real time page updates without the need to rebuild and repackage the app each time. You will need your own Google Developer or App Store Developer account to publish your app(s). Google charges a one time fee of $25 which is good for life and unlimited apps. With Apple, the developer panel is free however they do charge $99 per app.
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Media Players

Create special pages for your Youtube, Vimeo, SHOUTcast or Icecast streams with our media player builder by entering the stream URL and setting the background color to any in the spectrum.

Push Notifications

We've teamed up with One Signal, the world's leading Mobile and Web Push Notification service so you can quickly send a message to all of your app users at once.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many app pages as you like including swipe left/right tabs with the built in WYSIWYG editor, or enter your current web page url to set up a redirect in real time.

Android Example (My Auto Dj)

My Auto Dj on Google Play uses this web page ( as the home page and is a great example of a standard use app and demostrates how easy it is to include your media stream.

My Auto Dj on Google Play

Android Example (Complete Criminal Checks)

Complete Criminal Checks on Google Play is fully managed by the app builder and makes use of the page redirect option. This lets you enter any website url for any of the pages or tabs that you create.
Using the page redirect option does require the wepage to be responsive (ie. fit perfect on any size device).

Complete Criminal Checks on Google Play

Our web based system allows you easily make changes to your pages, menu, menu order and more. These type of updates are done instantly and in real time, there is no need to rebuild the app if you want to add or edit a page.

How it works

1. You provide basic details about your company such as the title, logo or avatar which will be used for the app launcher and a background image.
2. We compile, process and build the main source file (APK)
3. You upload the source file to your Google Play or App Store account. The app pages menu is managed remotely from your app builder in real time and without the need to re-compile and re-publish the app.

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complete criminal checks android app

Advertising / Admob

The App Builder offers two different options for including ads in your app, either directly in the build using Ad Mob, or by embedding ad code in the HTML of the app pages.

SSL Security

All internal pages include full SSL 128 bit encryption, which is a data and file encryption technique to ensure your app users are protected while using your app.

App Ownership

After you have paid for 1 full year of service and the initial build fee, complete app ownership including the important Key File will be provided for download.

SHOUTcast/Icecast Players

Create as many SHOUTcast/Icecast players as you like featuring the currently playing artist name/image, song title, share links and more using raw HTML5 coding guaranteed to work on any device!.
You can arrange your SHOUTcast/Icecast player page as the homepage to automatically open when the user first loads the app. Users are given the option of sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

Youtube/Vimeo video streams will also work in the players and feature a full responsive design with standard/full screen movie view.

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SHOUTcast app player

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