SHOUTcast Widgets

  • HTML5/Flash Players (5 choices)
  • Free Website Builder (optional)
  • Tune-In Radio API
  • DJ Manager and Scheduling System w/ Calendar
  • Statics and Geographical Data
  • Built In PPC Advertising System
  • Google Listener Map
  • Social Integration
  • SHOUTcast v1, V2, Icecast, Icecast KH Compatible
shoutcast widgets

Build Custom Widgets

SHOUTcast Widgets makes it EASY to include professional and responsive widgets on your website or blog! With 20+ choices available such as the Currently Playing with Artist Biography Widget, or the Last Songs Played Widget. SHOUTast Widgets also includes several features like the very popular Tune In API or Dj Schedueling System. To learn more visit the SHOUTcast Widgets Website (SHOUTcast Widgets was invented, developed and managed by My Auto Dj)

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API – Unlimited Text Ads
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