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Free Trial Auto DJ + SHOUTcast Server

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All SHOUTcast and Icecast Packages are set up instantly, you can have your professional radio station up in minutes! Just upload your mp3's to the auto dj, run ads, intros, voiceovers and more -- FREE!

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Centova v3 Features

Centova Widgets

  • Currently Playing
  • Google Listener Map
  • Requests Form
  • Tune In Links
  • Recent Tracks
  • Stream Status

DJ Manager

(SHOUTcast 2 only)
  • Unlimited DJs
  • Automatic Switching
  • Limit DJ Access
  • Restrict DJ Access
  • Seprate DJ Port

Server Facts

  • Linux OS
  • CentOS 5.4/5.5/6.0
  • PHP 5.x
  • 5G Upload Ports
  • Cloud Based Servers
  • Scalable
Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

All Centova Cast packages include instant setup and activation. After payment has been made, you will instantly get your package email which includes all the server details, ip address, port number, source and admin password and other important server information.

Premium Network

Fast 5G Connections

Most SHOUTcast providers offer upload port speeds anywhere between 100Mbps to 1Gbps, which is plenty for streaming online radio, however here at My Auto DJ, we believe speed is important. A fast upload port allows your listenrs to connect faster. It allows your dj's to send their data at a much faster rate resulting in less buffer time for the listener and also a shorter delay when switching from auto dj to live broadcast. Navigating your control panel you will immediately notice the difference in speed as you manage your streams.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Some providers offer unlimited listeners but limit your bandwidth usage each month. This pratice can cause your stream costs to quickly get out of control as your station grows, the more listeners you get the more you will pay. My Auto DJ does not meter your bandwidth usage, you are able to view how much you have used but you are not charged for your traffic. Once you start to hit your listener quota you can easily and instantly upgrade and add more in your client area, you will never find any hidden fees with My Auto DJ

My Auto Dj Features

  • Instant Setup
  • 5+ Gbps Ports
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Free cPanel Web Hosting
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