SHOUTcast Hosting

SHOUTcast Hosting

Powerful Centova v3 Fully Automated Online Radio Solution

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FAST 5G Ports
  • DJ Manager with xFade
  • Playlist Manager with Scheduling
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SHOUTcast Reseller

SHOUTcast Reseller

Run Multiple Stations and earn Recurring Income

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimted Mountpoints
  • Fast 5G Ports
  • SHOUTcast v1, v2 & Icecast
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SHOUTcast vps
SHOUTcast Widgets

SHOUTcast Widgets

Easily Embed Widgets includes free website with sitebuilder

  • Works with Any Website
  • Works wth Any Provider
  • Works With Any SHOUTcast Server
  • Works With Wordpress
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My Auto DJ - Professiomal SHOUTcast Servers + Auto Dj

My Auto DJ provides only the highest quality SHOUTcast Servers, Unlimited Bandwidth, your choice of Control Panels (Centova Cast or WHMSonic), Easy Copy/Paste Widgets and our famous live 24/7 support!

shoutcast servers Here at My Auto DJ, we use only the best in equipment and choose our data center locations carefully to ensure your stream in both blazing fast and dependable. My Auto DJ has been in the hosting business since 2001, and in streaming music since 2008. With thousands of happy clients over the years and the best in quality and support, you've found the last SHOUTcast/Iecast/Web host you will ever need!

Centova Cast v3 is the very latest and advanced web based streaming control panel + automatic dj system in the industry. The Centova v3 panel supports and controls SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast servers, and includes the latest in features such as automated song requests, dj manager with automated switching from auto dj to live broadcast (xFade) learn more

Blazing Fast 5 Gbs Ports
A fast port is key with any audio stream, and all of My Auto DJ's servers have 5 Gbs ports for faster connections, both upload and downloads. This can be very helpful for live dj's as they stream (upload stream), uploading mp3s and when your listeners connect.

Centova Cast SHOUTcast/Icecast Control Panel WHMSonic SHOUTcast Control Panel SHOUTcast Widgets
SHOUTcast v2
SHOUTcast v1 or Icecast
SHOUTcast v1 SHOUTcast v2
SHOUTcast v1 or Icecast KH
MP3 and/or AAC+ MP3 or AAC+ MP3 or AAC+
DJ Manager w/ xFade DJ Manager w/ xFade DJ Scheduler
Web Based Uploads FTP Uploads Web Based Uploads FTP Uploads Upload images
Crossfade Length Crossfade Threshold Crossfade Length n/a
MP3 /AAC+ Player MP3 /AAC+ Player MP3 /AAC+ Player, HTML5 Player, JPlayer, JWPlayer
Schedule Playlists n/a
Multiple Mountpoints n/a
Automated Requests n/a
Easy Copy/Past Widgets
rewards 10% Discount w/ Rewards Program rewards 10% Discount w/ Rewards Program rewards 10% Discount w/ Rewards Program
Centova v3 WHMSonic SHOUTcast Widgets

shoutcast servers

Wordpress + cPanel + SHOUTcast Widgets Package

Our new Wordpress Packages come pre installed with the latest Wordpress v3.8.x, cPanel Web Hosting and our copy/paste SHOUTcast Widgets. Choose from our premium themes (free downloads avaliable to all Wordpress clients), or upload your own Wordpress themes and plugins. Easily embed any of the SHOUTcast Widgets into a post or page.
Live Wordpress with SHOUTcast Widgets Demo

Powerful cPanel Web Hosting
All packages also include powerful web hosting with unlimited pop3 email, mysql databases, ftp accounts - Instant Setup and Activation!
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Mobile Website & HTML5 Player

Works on 95% of Smart Phones! With nothing to download or install, our new Mobile Website is the easiest way to provide your listeners with a way to stream your online radio on the go!

Live Mobile Version Demo

My Auto DJ ANdroid App (Free) Download & Install the Free My Auto DJ 24/7 Online Radio Android Application onto your Android device and enjoy our SHOUTcast Widgets clients streams on the go! Just goto the Google Play Market on your mobile device and search for myautodj

Looking for your own custom Android App? Ley My Auto DJ build & publish to the Google Play Market your very own SHOUTcast application. Our start to finish package leaves all the work to us! Learn More About Custom Android Development

Public or Private!
In the SHOUTcast Widgets Control Panel, you can easily switch between private or public. Private mode hides all links and traces of SHOUTcast Widgets, or listed in the directory. If you choose public mode, not only are you listed in the SHOUTcast Widgets directroy, but your listeners can browse other streams in the SHOUTcast Widgets network!
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Compare Control Panels

Centova v3

  • DJ Manager
  • Playlist Manager
  • AAC+/MP3
  • Web Based Uploads
  • FTP Uploads
  • Album Artwork


  • DJ Manager
  • Mp3 Tag Editor
  • AAC/MP3
  • Web Based Uploads
  • FTP Uploads
  • AAC+ Player

SHOUTcast Widgets

  • Artist Bio & Image
  • DJ Scheduler
  • Free Website Builder
  • Works on Any Website
  • Drag & Drop Sidebar Manager
  • Tune In Radio API

Server Facts

  • Linux OS
  • CentOS 5.4/5.5/6.0
  • PHP 5.x
  • 5G Upload Ports
  • Cloud Based Servers
  • Scalable
Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

All Centova Cast & WHMSonic packages include instant setup and activation. After payment has been made, you will instantly get your package email which includes all the server details, ip address, port number, source and admin password and other important server information.

All Centova Cast v3 packages also include fully automated upgrades/downgrades!

Reward Points

Earn My Auto DJ Dollars

All My Auto DJ clients earn reward points for several different client actions such as making a invoice payment on time or ordering a new service. Reward Points can be exchanged for account credit. All My Auto DJ clients are automatically enrolled in the My Auto DJ Rewards Program!

Learn More About My Auto DJ Rewards

+5 Gbs Ports

Fast 5G Connections

Most SHOUTcast providers offer upload port speeds anywhere between 100Mbps to 1Gbps, which is plenty for streaming online radio, however here at My Auto DJ, we believe speed is important. A fast upload port allows your listenrs to connect faster. It allows your dj's to send their data at a much faster rate resulting in less buffer time for the listener and also a shorter delay when switching from auto dj to live broadcast. Navigating your control panel you will immediately notice the difference in speed as you manage your streams.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Some providers offer unlimited listeners but limit your bandwidth usage each month. This pratice can cause your stream costs to quickly get out of control as your station grows, the more listeners you get the more you will pay. My Auto DJ does not meter your bandwidth usage, you are able to view how much you have used but you are not charged for your traffic. Once you start to hit your listener quota you can easily and instantly upgrade and add more in your client area, you will never find any hidden fees with My Auto DJ

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