Azuracast Auto DJ + Server

Tune In Radio auto poster
Twitter auto poster
Automated Song Requests
Liquid Soap Auto DJ
SHOUTcast v2.5.x+ or Icecast 2
Live DJ xFade
Analytics and Reports
Copy/Paste player with track details
Web based mp3 upload manager
Unlimited mount points
Built in start page with html5 player
Generate SoundExchange Report

Azuracast Open source software hosted on the My Auto DJ network!!

Azuracast is a new auto dj panel featuring Tune In Radio/Twitter auto poster, automated song requests and much more. Azuracast is free and open source software available to anyone through their Github Repository.

Azuracast Demo

Liquid Soap Auto DJ + SHOUTcast v2.6.x Server

Easily get your station online with this complete package including everything you need (other then the mp3s!). You will be assigned your own unique stream address with both public and DJ ports!

Live DJ Broadcasts Set up an unlimited amount of DJ and assign them their own unique username/password which they use to connect to their live broadcasting software. (ie Virtual DJ, Sam Broadcaster). The connection is seamless for both the DJ and listener as the system can detect when the DJ connects and automatically fade the music from auto dj to live. When the DJ is finished, they just need to disconnect and the auto dj will take over again until the next dj comes online.

Complete Playlist System easily create and schedule as many playlists as you like, set up your station IDs or ads to play every X amount of tracks.

Analytics and Reports Generate detailed custom reports in CSV format or view right in the built in data table. Best Performing Songs, Worst Performing Songs, 1 Month Playlist Report, SoundExchange Report, Song Playback Timeline, Song Duplicates are just some of the available reports in Azuracast.

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Getting Started with Azuracast

Connecting Azuracast with Rocket Broadcaster

Download Rocket Broadcaster

Connecting Azuracast with BUTT (broadcast using this tool)

Download BUTT

Android/iPhone App Builder

Build and manage any app with our easy to use system! Works with both Android and/or iPhone
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